Mar 20, 2013

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Consetta Parker, Star Wars Wife

Consetta Parker, Star Wars Wife

Today on Star Wars Wife we welcome a very special guest, Consetta Parker. Consetta is Publicist at Parker Publicity, specializing in all things Star Wars. (Plus, make sure to read to the end for a special bonus!)

I was very happy to discover Star Wars Wife- and even more excited to be asked to write a blog about my experience as a Star Wars Wife! When I sat down to write I had to pause and then it suddenly washed over me that I never really looked at myself as a Star Wars Wife because I had always wanted a Star Wars husband.

I suppose there’s only one way for me to properly begin:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…(also known as Southern Indiana)…I discovered Star Wars and my entire life changed.

I was six years old when I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977. I remember every moment vividly in my head and how I knew something changed for me. It was like I could almost feel my imagination growing and new hopes start to grow in my heart and mind. I began to eat, sleep and live Star Wars so it only made sense that as I made a wish and blew out my birthday candles the following year, I wished for a boy who loved Star Wars as much as I did. I continued to make that same birthday wish every year. Occasionally I would add a second wish that I would also someday meet Han Solo. As birthdays passed I remained true to my wishes and never gave up hope. I also never gave up the pure joy that Star Wars gave me.

It wasn’t exactly easy being a little girl who loved Star Wars and played with Star Wars toys. The older I got the more difficult it became to hold on to my childhood passions. I was beyond fortunate to have amazing parents that always supported me and still do. However, new people I’d encounter over the years were more of a challenge. I got used to hearing “When are you going to grow up?”, and “When are you going to get rid of all this Star Wars stuff?” There were a few times in my early twenties that I forgot who I was and lost my way…but it was in fact Star Wars that helped me remember…because it’s a friend that has always been there for me.

Because of Star Wars I knew I wanted to somehow work in the entertainment industry and I’ve been very lucky to have worked in film promotions and publicity for over 16 years now. In May of 2002 something extraordinary happened. I had the opportunity to meet Harrison Ford. Up to that point in my life, it was the HARRISON and MEbest day of my life. I met, spoke to and had a moment with Harrison Ford and it was magical. I met Han Solo…a dream come true.

Now I was more determined than ever! If I could meet Han Solo, I now knew that I could meet a boy who loved Star Wars as much as me…I just knew it.

In May of 2005 my work once again opened up a door that I never thought possible. I was going to Skywalker Ranch to work the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith press junket for Twentieth Century Fox! I only had two days notice and before I knew it I was in a car driving through the front gates of the Ranch. I was there. As tears started to flow down my face I called my parents because I knew they understood that that moment meant to me. Little did I know what the following days would bring.

The morning of May 4th, 2005, (yes…May the 4th!) I was working on the back porch of the main house at the Ranch. In between interviews we were told that there were Stormtroopers available if we’d like to film some B-roll. I requested a stormtrooper for my TV crew. At 9am that morning I heard the clanking of armor approaching and I looked up to see a stormtrooper walking towards me. *He had his bucket under his arm so you could see his face (something I now know he normally would never do- be out of character -but that morning he said something was different)- our eyes met and all I could think of to say was “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” (I was so disappointed in myself for not thinking of something more clever or original) We only had a moment together on that porch but there was something about him and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Later that day I saw him briefly while everyone broke for lunch and he asked if I’d sit with him for the screening of the film that evening? At 8pm that evening for a screening of Revenge of the Sith, the lights dimmed and the opening scroll lit up the screen. The stormtrooper I’d met that morning reached to hold my hand. I knew the minute we held hands that he was the one. I’d found the boy of my dreams.

On May 4th, 2006 my trooper and I got engaged (he proposed to me in his armor and my ring was stormtrooper helmet shaped. On May 4th, 2008 we had a galactic Star Wars Wedding. He wore his armor, I wore mine (Boushh), Darth Vader married us, and we were surrounded by over 30 members of our local 501st family (The Golden Gate Garrison). It was everything I had ever imagined and more.

Star Wars inspired so many of us as children and continues to do so to this day. This is what Star Wars is to me. It’s a constant inspiration and friend. It’s something that you want to share and be a part of. For me, finding someone to share that joy with was a lifelong wish and it came true. I never stopped believing because SW encourages you to believe in the impossible.

My trooper (It’s funny now that I think of it I always call him that and rarely say husband!) and I fully embraced our love of Star Wars together. We have created a HW5H6659home filled with our SW toys from our childhoods and collected new things since we’ve met. Yes, we can look around our home and see SW memorabilia everywhere. Yes we love our collection, but even if you removed every item it wouldn’t matter because it is the love we have for each other that fills our house. It’s not about the “stuff”, it’s about the feeling. Star Wars brought us together and no one can take that away.

Star Wars connects people in friendship, love and community. Fan groups have popped up worldwide over the years to celebrate the basic love of SW. What is it after all that brings people together? A common interest. For me, being able to connect with my trooper on every level is wonderful. Being able to find him because of our common love of SW was a galactic achievement and something we’ll always treasure. We’ve often talked about the fact that had we met when we were little that we would have been the best of friends and it’s so nice to have found one another now. It was worth the wait.

Whether your loved ones and friends love Star Wars or Star Trek, DC or Marvel, Harry Potter or Twilight…supporting and respecting their passion with them will build stronger foundations for your relationship. It doesn’t mean you have to “love” everything they love. It doesn’t mean you have to dress up in a costume and go to conventions or join fan groups. It just means you’re opening your heart and mind a little more to better understand and accept them for who they are.

We all want to be loved for who we are and not feel pushed into being something someone else wants us to be. Whether you’re a Star Wars wife, husband, daughter, son or friend…unconditional love and happiness is what life is all about.

If you find love in the Force it’ll be with you forever.

Video Clip from our wedding as see on TLC’s Wild Weddings:

Video Clip from Stormtrooper Olympics from Star Wars Celebration 4 where our team “Vader’s Big Toe” took the Gold! *my trooper is team captain TK-450 J

What a sweet story; thank you Consetta! And as promised, I have a bonus for you, today we launch a giveaway!

  1. Steve Spoony-Wan Noonan says:

    this is one of the most heart warming and awesome stories I have ever had the privilege to read and gives me hope that there is a Star Wars Girl out there for me somewhere


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